Monday, December 05, 2005


..An extremely sensitive topic, which I will cover in a series of at least three separate posts.
Well, zillions of men have tried to figure out what a woman wants, and zillions (well, give or take a few...) have consequently failed. Can't live with them, can't leave them either, can't love them, can't hate them either, can't trust them, and can't wait to be fooled by them either..!! They do certainly add a lot of color to this planet, and frankly speaking, this wide world would be quite a useless place without them.
So what if ....
  • They are occasionally fickle?
  • They keep a careful count of the flowers and the diamonds and generally ignore the small favors we do for them to make their life easier?
  • They sometimes believe that they can be in "love" with more than one man, and that none of them is capable of finding it out?
  • They live with the satisfaction that they can hide everything behind a nice smile (or a few tears), and we will never be able to read their eyes?

Inspite of all their idiosyncracies, we can't really forget that only a woman can look as cute and sweet as ever even if she just got out of bed. While men generally look worse than warted toads in their check or striped pyjamas, it does take a woman to look gorgeous even in her night-dress.

Does it matter then that they lie to us once every fifteen minutes? and the tricks they so purposefully plan to play with hearts? Maybe it is not so bad to forgive their million sins a million times a day. And maybe, their lies are actually sweeter than some of their truths perhaps?

(to be continued...)

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