Saturday, November 22, 2008


Every night, there’s this fear
That something strange, would cross my mind
Wading through, the darkest hours,
What will I lose, what will I find?

The sun has set, but not upon my thoughts
A lot within, a few without
I sit at rest, through with it all
My mind at peace, is what I doubt

Creating visions, pictures and scenes,
Just like me, working overtime
Fighting with itself, to see who would win
It’s my very own, but no dreams are mine

The morning comes, and the hangover remains,
The nightmarish cocktail of all that I passed by
And when they’ve given up asking questions
My brain’s busy answering, the What, the How, and the Why

It’s right to rest, it has forsaken,
A strange mission, it has embarked upon
Chasing itself, never catching up,
Still undecided, has it lost or have I won?