Thursday, February 26, 2009

Immoral police

Ancient mammoths imposing their will
Myopic vultures scooping down upon all
Fictitious religions, governed by fictitious Gods
Dwarf-minded dinosaurs, standing tall

Fighting to win their own wars,
The army of wall-builders arrives
Each bearing a sign they don’t understand
Fed on one large truth, of cumulative lies

Carrying bird-cages in their creepy hands,
Finding faults with those walking free
Destroying all hints of progress,
Self-claimed visionaries, who were not made to see

Hallucinating on ego-strengthening trips,
The tyrants claim they are more learned
In a time when shadows rule the bodies,
Illiteracy becomes a virtue of the over-educated

These quacks are playing, with fiery medicines,
Turning guinea pigs out of the innocent
Forked tongues, unleashing venom
Until their preys are fully spent

And so they haunt the unsuspecting millions
Specters marching, waving scepters
Bones of contention left in every plate,
By scheming villains, and glorified rainmakers

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I have been told (and have read the same) that all that takes place in our life is our own choice. Even Master Oogway reiterates this so many times to Master Shifu - "There are... no accidents". Though Shifu of course has a tough time believing that. I can understand that feeling.

I guess we all can. It's so easy for us when all that takes place in our life is not really attributed to us, but to a larger scheme; called "fate" or "destiny" or "God" (that is infact usually the first resort). I mean, how can there be "no accidents"? Our whole life began with a (literally) fucking accident. And they don't really stop as we move on through life. Sometimes accidents come in our way, and then there are times when we come in their way.

Like we all obviously remember the last time we just got "lucky", or the time when we were consoled with "Better luck next time". Like the time when you darkened one extra right circle in your CAT exam, or the time when you "somehow" missed the 8:25 Churchgate local, and your client walked into a different meeting by the time you reached... "Luck by Chance", as they say in Mumbai (and they even made a movie out of it -- where would they get all that money if there was no subject such as luck). And the biggest example of them all, is of course Slumdog... (Remember the catchy line - "It is written"?). But what was really written? The fact that there would be thousands of people born into the slums of Bandra, or the fact that a movie about them would go on to win 8 Oscars...?

And to proclaim that all those are our own choices - there's some disbelief bound to happen. I know there's the concept of Super-consciousness, consciousness, and sub-consciousness. And all our choices are made at either of these, or at a combination of these levels. How much have I chosen consciously , is something I have never consciously thought of though. I only have one thing to say to my super-conscious -- "You better be making some good choices mate. We are in this together afterall, aren't we?"