Friday, June 30, 2006

Listen to the mirror…

And just because you have always believed that it was you who was watching, doesn’t mean the finger’s never pointed at you. For every sin committed, for every right that has been wronged, you had an excuse. There was someone to take the blame. And the next morning, you would get up again and had the guts to dress yourself up in front of the mirror, never guessing that you could be on the receiving end one day. And that the eyes that look back at you through the looking glass everyday, could hold an accusation…

The scenes you lived were clips from a movie, played over and over again, until the tape runs out, until scratches appear on every single frame, until you find that one shot where the mirror speaks back.

And all that you can then do, is listen…

Sunday, June 11, 2006

When was the last time you…

… Stopped at a traffic signal, and prayed that it would never turn green?
… Called someone, and prayed that she would not pick up the phone?
… Stood at the station, and prayed that your train had already left?
… Saw a beautiful dream, and prayed that it would always remain just a dream?
… Drove down to a place, and prayed you would have taken a wrong turn?
… Bought a wedding ring, and prayed it would get stolen?

And when was the last time you said a prayer, and prayed that it would never come true?