Monday, December 05, 2005

Relationships - Part I

How many times have we considered the disturbing question "Is this relationship going anywhere?", or when are you are still in that "in-between" phase and wonder "Will this relationship lead to anything?"
What am I most concerned about is the underlying idea of a relationship having to "go" somewhere, that desire to find a logical conclusion to whatever the present state of affairs (pun intended) is.
So why should a relationship lead to something? Why can't we just look upon it as a cup of nice, hot coffee where every sip is as cherishable (and hence, perishable) as the sound of finally putting the cup down, and the moment when you turn your head just a little to the right and say, "Nice coffee, now who's paying?". Why is it that we (more often than not) fail to savor the joy of the journey, instead of worrying about the destination? Agreed, the "conclusion" has it's own relevance, but most of the times we do kill an otherwise beautiful connection by being anxious more about the end than just realizing that nothing anyway lasts forever, even a cup of coffee...

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