Wednesday, December 07, 2005


They say it makes the world go round. I would say it does make the world go round, albeit in circles. One of the easiest emotions to feel, yet perhaps one of the most difficult to explain.

There are times when we look for reasons to fall in love. And then, we look for reasons to fall out of it. The only thing I’ve figured out is that if it needs a reason, then it’s not love. Or not love at least the kind we generally imagine it to be (though as a quirk of fate, this love of our imagination remains imaginary throughout...). If you could find a reason for your love, chances are pretty high that one day, you will end up finding reasons to break it all up.

Love doesn’t need adjectives or qualifiers. Note that throughout this post, I’ve never referred to “true love” or “pure love” or even the almost clich├ęd, “unconditional love”.

That’s because love is all-powerful all by itself. You see, the process of love is very different from the process of choosing ice creams. There’s no scope for having different flavors, say vanilla or chocolate or strawberry. Give your love the respect it deserves, and rest assured, it will respect you back.

Matter of fact, love is so much like a joke. If it’s a good one, you keep on smiling everytime you remember it. If it was a bad one, you wonder what was the need for that joke anyways. And in some cases, you just look back and think whether it was really a joke that you were told? (Upon extending the metaphor, the last statement enquires whether what you felt was really love?)

(to be continued...)

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