Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Welcome to the machine…

It’s almost spooky when I think of it.
The out-of-control car that claimed 7 lives (5 plus 1 pregnant woman) in Bandra. The partying group had come out of Taj Land’s End at 2:45 AM. I was at the same place at 11 PM, helping a friend buy passes for the rave party about to start there. The meandering car lost control after taking a U-turn next to CCD. I was sitting with friends in front of the same CCD till 12…
It’s odd how often we ignore that it could be one of us. On either side of the wheel. The driver, or the driven.

And perhaps what is more disconcerting is the fact that while sitting by the sea that night one of the things we talked about was actually the extremities which define pleasure for most of Mumbai. So unless it’s an exclusive party where you get drunk till 3 (and then drive around with zero control), it’s not considered cool enough. Though admittedly, this farcical coolness is worse in the northern parts of this country, but Mumbai ain’t far behind in screwing up its standards.

Yes, it’s perhaps a one-off case. At least that’s what we hope. Perhaps a lot of us get away because we get plain lucky. We don’t kill anyone, or we are not killed. Usually.
But once in a while, one of those millions on the streets of Mumbai, could become victims of another crime they didn’t commit – being homeless.

And on the news channels, the police could be seen requesting people to not sleep on the streets. As if they had a choice.

The police could also be seen requesting people to not drink too much and drive responsibly. As if they will exercise this choice…

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