Monday, May 11, 2009


Some people are worried they might go crazy one day. What with all this recession (and yet a somewhat positive stock market) and all kinds of people turning into statistical percentages. Percentage of people who lost their homes, percentage of people who can't dream anymore about owning a home, percentage of people who played around with other people's homes... you get the drift.

And who would you trust around you? The about to be enthroned UPA? Ketan Parekh? Those analysts on NDTV who claimed in Jan 08 that "markets would have support at 20000 in the short term"? Who is really keeping the markets afloat? Or would you think that Obama is the saviour? Nasdaq and Dow are inching up rapidly. So is the worst for the world over? Even if GM files for bankruptcy, even if credit card defaults are supposed to increase? What exactly does "consumer confidence index" measure? How do you measure optimism?

And all this accompanied by increasing problems on the personal front. I mean, just how many marriages (and that's another interesting statistic by the way) were actually based on "love", and not on the expanse of your downtown Manhatten villa? How many friendships are actually not based on social status, and the ability (mainly financially) to be "cool"? Would you respect your uncles as much if they turned up at your doorstep without a wallet-loosening gift stashed away in their coat pockets? Would you?

This has got me worried. And what I am worried about is not whether I will go crazy. But that I will never know when exactly did I cross the line...

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry, you crossed the line long back :)

Its the return which matters.

सुबह का भूला अगर शाम तक वापस आ जाए तो उसे भूला नहीं कहते