Thursday, April 30, 2009


I have been house hunting (No, that's not the excuse for not writing anything in March of 09). And I have begun to realize that you can attach a price tag to almost anything and everything.

One of your rooms has a view to what looks like a huge drain (they call it a Lake), and the per sq. ft. price goes up.
You can watch fifty pigeons bathing and shitting in the common pool below, and it's called "pool-facing".
There's one rotten tread-mill in the basement, and you have to pay "Clubhouse" charges.
The vaguely audible sea-waves, lashing a few kilometers away, would come with a "sea-facing" tag.
The convenience of watching huge movie posters and clothing banners would easily lead to a "mall-facing" qualifier, which translates to an additional Rs. to the psf rate.
And if from your window you can watch the crowd pouring into Siddhivinayak, then you must have paid a real hefty premium (God ain't cheap, certainly not in Mumbai)

The only consolation is that they haven't (at least till now) asked me for any premiums if the window opens into the bedroom of my neighbor...

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