Friday, June 29, 2007

"Unsent Items"

There's a common feature in almost all of our communication devices called "Sent Items". You can see the mails and messages you sent just to reassure yourself (and probably to reassure others as well), or to serve as proof points in the terribly politically charged corporate atmospheres these days, or simply to reminisce over things you said (some which you wanted to, some which you were forced to, and some which you can't believe you said...)

But with all the technological advancements, there is one thing still missing perhaps -- a separate collection of all those unsent items that perhaps comprise an equally large volume of our communication. Every mail that you wrote but then deleted half way, every SMS that was typed with extreme deliberation, and then deleted (perhaps with even greater deliberation), and of course, not to mention the number of times you dialled a number and then abruptly cut it off before the first ring could reach the other side (Remember "...half a page of scribbled lines"?).

Who is noting down all those little pieces of thoughts that keep floating and sinking (and sometimes rising again), bobbing up and down, struggling with other thoughts around it, in the tumultous oceans of our minds? Who will be your scribe, your stenographer, and infact, who will be a patient ear to all those rumblings when you yourself can get lost within those voices?

They will make it one day. Like a vacuum cleaner for those tiny pieces of thoughts scattered along with the dust. Bring them all in at least... all that junk which is perhaps an essential after-effect of that very simple thing we do everyday -- exist...

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