Sunday, August 13, 2006


The life we lead, the death we fear
Are the shades of a smile, the hues of a tear
The truth about life, that nothing's really true,
Coz we just hit the black, before we touch the blue.

The roads we build, the bridges we burn,
For the people we meet, on every single turn.
To fall in love, and then try un-loving,
Is like meeting death, and then try undying?

The places we hold, in the scheme of things,
The Sun, the stars, the chocolates and the wedding rings
But still we fight, to find that special role,
The hunt for that pillar, beyond the final goal.

The fear or love, and the trust we place,
Caught in a steel web, our images in space
Waiting for spring, my snow-covered hopes,
While it all melts, or while I learn the ropes

The wrongs and the rights, and the fairy tale stories
But we ain't in Hollywood, and this ain't the movies
Confronting my illusions, is tougher than it seems
Or appreciate the similarity, between reality and dreams...

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