Sunday, August 27, 2006

Just another love song...


Is there any shortage of love songs these days? Or should I say, has there ever been a shortage of them? Not really, right? Bollywood is famous for churning out songs for no reason or rhyme (pun intended). And so it probably wouldn't hurt to add one more to the infinite list that is already floating in our universe. Except that I can't classify this into any particular genre of romantic monologues.  It's certainly not useful for the purpose of serenade. Any attempt to sing this under a lady's window would probably be met with sharp objects thrown from the window in question. It's not a Romeo-Juliet departure song either. Shakespeare (he is one person who has definitely turned enough in his grave), will once again turn (how much turning room there is anyways in a grave, by the way?) if Romeo were to sing this.

But that's the catch. For Juliet had no choice. But Scarlett had too many choices. For those who are not too familiar with Gone with the Wind, her full name was Katie Scarlett O'Hara Hamilton Kennedy Butler (No wonder she could never make up her mind about whom not to love).  

And Cinderella. She's my favorite. I have great respect for her. She rocks. 12 o' clock, and gone (more on Cinderella in a later post).

Anyways, so here it is, the "unclassifiable", just another love song...


Falling all over, head, toe and heels,

Just another heart, in trouble

How do you tell apart love, from a crush?

A big bubble, from a bigger bubble?


I know you will find, what I couldn't find,

I know you will touch, that coveted space

But where will it lead you, when it ends?

Smiling back in the mirror, your uncertain face?


Turn around; you may see someone you knew,

Feel your heart-beats again, as you leave to go,

But did you notice, that questioning look on his face?

Was it the first goodbye, or the last hello?


You fear the fear's coming back,

You are losing something you've got,

Did you ever heed when they told you,

Lovers may live forever, love does not?


You never thought it could happen to you,

You were so safe and sound,

Perhaps you were not so right after all?

Perhaps you forgot, that it all comes around?


It will happen again, you can't help yourself

More will arrive, and even more will go

How long will you hide the fact

The last time you fell in love, was not so long ago?

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