Thursday, April 06, 2006

Alcohol (Part III) -- The conference

The next form of group alcohol participation is named “drunken conference” which is what happens when a bunch of men get together and decide to hold a meaningful conversation while partaking generally high quality liquor. This is one of those sessions where all things terrestrial and extra-terrestrial are discussed with equal ease, and the information that each participant possesses on each topic is nothing short of extraordinary.
At one such session that I attended, we addressed the following issues of immediate global concern:
1. The rise and fall of the Mozambique currency.
2. Mating rituals of the African red spiders.
3. Life on Neptune twenty years hence.

The order of these action-items is of course, immaterial. As some of you will recall from personal experience, after the fourth drink, one suddenly acquires the amazing capability to hold the fort on more than one topic simultaneously, which is precisely what could be observed after an equivalent amount of alcohol had safely found its way into the blood stream of all the players.

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Alok said...

You forgot a minor point out there - after 4 drinks you cannot just handle these 3 discussions simultaneously, but also find a co-relation between them - for instance:

20 years hence, I believe when African Red-spiders would be shipped to Neptune (courtesy NASA) to study the mating behaviour in extreme cold conditions - the chaos theory will ultimately prevail causing a high tide in Mozambique, with its strong effect on the country's ecconomy and crash in the domestic currency..!!