Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Just Like That...

... Sometimes you can do so much when you haven't planned for anything. Perhaps life's best moments are those that we never really put down in our schedules. Life's best appointments are those that never made it to our calenders. And the most powerful wakeup calls are those that never found their way into our alarm clocks.

That's the beauty of doing things just like that. Not holding on to elements that generally govern our lives. To pick up your bike and just drive through the night, letting the wind wash away the cares from your hands... And then end up at a coffee shop where you can dream about everything; as the levee of your sleep is broken down by the flood of adrenalin...

To sit down with a pen and paper and let the words guide your fingers to write themselves, till you find that you have filled up pages about anything and everything that you never thought you would write about. Stories are formed thus; and big ones. And important ones.

We should do this more often. Try breaking the walls around us. Trying to live with life; and not just end up catching up with it. Being yourself once in a while.
Just like that.

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