Friday, January 20, 2006

And the only thing certain…

… Are uncertainties.

It’s strange that even at this stage, there does not seem to be a clear light in the distance. Even Heisenberg would not have predicted this level of confusion in the basic framework of matter.

I feel sometimes I am living in a number of different parallel worlds. Parallel pasts, and consequently, parallel futures. Only this time, it’s not science fiction that I am talking about. But my own trysts with those disturbing parallelisms. A huge world of ifs and buts. A road chockfull of forks. Each leading to heaven, each leading to hell.

I hadn’t expected this to happen. The mist should have cleared instead of deepening.
But maybe I have found the reason.

Maybe it’s true (and no matter now ironical it may seem, but that is the only plausible explanation), that the farther you have traveled from your home, the more lost you really are…

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