Monday, February 03, 2014

The loaded dice...

Maybe the time has come. To roll it on the table. Finally. How long could I hold it off anyways. It was loaded to start with, and that kept changing my center of gravity as I walked around clumsily. Every step moving it around, changing the entropy (and changing a few other equations as well), and not letting my mind also rest, as if the weight of the dice was also sending out strange signals to my brain as well.

The road to start anything new, well, doesn't actually exist (if it did, then that would mean someone had walked down that path earlier). And so each road is uniquely unpaved, laced with random stones and multiple pathways to choose from. Like the path of the dice. Doesn't matter how many turns it takes, or how many times it bounces off the table, or whether it lands under your nose or on the far side of the table. What matters is the number that comes up. Though of course, the randomness significantly changes depending on how loaded the dice is.

You can choose whether to walk on that path or not. But if you were born with the dice, what do you do? Can't ignore it. Can't sleep over it. Can't even sleep through it. Can't run with it. Can't run from it.

The best alternative is then the only remaining one. Roll it. And follow the number. It will lead you somewhere. Or at least till the point where it is time to roll it again. Until you start enjoying it. Waiting for the numbers, waiting for the next turn.

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