Thursday, September 02, 2010

All in good time…

You might find the reasons,

Why God was placing dice

Or who you thought were real friends,

Were just brilliant actors at playing nice


You might run into that old friend again,

On the other side of a man-made line

You might find that love was actually never lost,

But all, in good time


You might reach, the moon someday

Or perhaps realize, that it’s too far away

Whatever path, you end up taking

You will travel, to the same cross one day


You might hit, the very same blocks

Even with enough bread, women or wine

And you might be pleased, to see the light

But all, in good time


You might double, your salary overnight

And haughtily surpass, even your best friends

Until you find, you will have to leave it behind

That one fine day, your time ends


You might win, more than you lose

And one warm summer, you will probably shine

And you will live, to cherish and savour,

This all, in good time


The fair of life, may appear unfair

Until the tides appear to turn

And the reality of dreams can be seen,

When the veil begins to burn


So far, so good, and thus it goes

Between the start and finishing line

Crests and troughs, you touch each of them,

Though all, only in good time