Saturday, October 03, 2009


Peaches, melons, and dark purple grapes,
Our life should be crystals, pearls and heavy drapes
Trapped in the pile of past, untamed desires
Burning through our million lives' funeral pyres

Writ by us, and un-writ by us as well,
Our destiny follows us, but we can't tell
For our beliefs, are turned upside down
Did our smile come first? Or was it the frown?

The tidal waves of multiple dreams so colorful
Wash us away, with overwhelming push and pull
And we allow ourselves to be dragged around
By random thoughts that are lost and found

It might hurt, but imagine this way,
Your Merc and BMW, if they take it all away
Would you still be defined by what you really are?
Or are you just the total, of a yacht, a house, and a hand-crafted car?

Strange it may seem, that you will leave it all behind,
All that you have fought for, this life full of grind
And then you return, to the same river with a different bend
A million uncertain dreams, and one certain end

So will this end be the actual final departure?
Or will I be searching again for a greener pasture?
I know the choice rests right here in me
But when the light shines, will I be there to see?

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