Wednesday, July 02, 2008

In God's own ears...

To those who are frequent visitors of the Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai, the two silver mice located within the temple are not an unknown sight. And though this was not my first visit to the temple, yet for some reason I had perhaps not noticed them earlier, or (and this is actually more true) had not noticed the behavior of people towards the two silver statues. They were flocking towards the statues (nothing strange about that), and they were touching the feets of these mice (nothing strange with that either, since it is customary to pay your respects to every God-related idol in a temple). What was strange, however, was the fact that these devotees were bending down towards the ears of these mice and apparently saying something, as if speaking into a microphone. 

And this is when a fellow devotee explained that since the Mouse is the official ride of Lord Ganesha, it is believed that whatever is spoken into the ears of these mice will be communicated to the Good Lord Himself, thereby resulting in a higher probability of that wish being granted. It was also interesting to observe that while speaking into one ear, the devotees were closing the other ear, with the intention that nothing should perhaps "leak" out to the other side.

I stood in the line. Observing. People speaking with all their earnestness (and hope), rattling off their wishes, all their dreams converted to some words. To no one would they have told these wishes (perhaps no one would have listened). But here, these silver idols were listening to all they had to ask. Metal messengers were their messiahs. After all, God is like senior management (or so they believe), you need someone to get your "file" in...

What did I wish for? Of course I am not supposed to tell. My secret lies with one of those mice. All I can disclose is that my statement consisted of less than six words. A six-pack of sorts. It must have been the shortest message the mice would be delivering. Perhaps it has reached Ganesha by now. Maybe it's on it's way. But reach it will. At least that's what belief is all about.

But one thing I again learnt that day. The human desire to have a face to talk to. To speak out what's hidden inside. To have anyone to open up to. Even if you have to close the other ear yourself. Even when you are never sure. Even if you have been asking the same thing over and over again. Even if there are tonnes of wishes, waiting to be fulfilled. Even if one of the mice is a donation by Mr. Bachchan...

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