Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chor Police…

There are some very children-specific activities which sound and feel good when only children are involved in those games. The moment a few grown-ups enter the fray, they ruin the show.
And it is this precisely this ruin which a number of our government personnel are causing. I am referring to the (yet again) moral policing efforts by various “educated, cultured and honest” members of the state and national government bodies. I heard a minister on the TV confirming that in the IPL match in Mumbai, there would be a hundred-plus policemen keeping a “close eye” on what the cheerleaders are wearing. Certainly a much needed activity for the welfare of the nation. So now we know why the policy force has a little trouble in controlling crime in our country – they are busy checking out babes (as an official government duty).

These social guardians believe (even now) that the moral framework of our nation’s populace is within their control, and if the cheer leaders are removed (or more clothes are added), it will bring about a moral upliftment of our society. They believe that if our children do not watch these women, then they will focus more on their studies and will not indulge in the various sexual activities at which they are so adept already. They forget that we are a billion plus nation, and we wouldn’t have ever reached this target had our earlier generations fucked around a little less (pun absolutely intended).

If only these blackholes-of-our-tax would learn to identify what needs their attention (it’s somewhat disturbing to note that a murder or rape convict would be roaming free for years, while all kind of notices would be served on the teams’ managers within a few days).

In the end (as is usually the case), let’s again hope (this resource is fast depleting too) that some day better sense will prevail. Until then, keep on cheering…

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