Sunday, December 23, 2007

Watch what you lose...

'Twas a winter evening, and a few of us were roaming around in the city, when we chanced upon a hoarding proclaiming another of those wonderful gyms with a promise to tone up and flab down. There was (as is customary) a picture of a hot babe on the hoarding, and it became difficult to comprehend (as is also customary) whether the reason for attending this gym should be those oft-failing promises of 5 kg reduction etc, or should it be the chance of enhanced proximity to the woman.
It was then that one of my co-passengers blurted out his own experience. It so happened that he had come across a somewhat similar advertisement, and following his basic instincts he had turned up at the designated venue with the hope of losing his weight, as well as the hope of losing his virginity in perhaps the same premises. This was his first gym visit, and he had perhaps drawn a parallel between the grunts and huffs and puffs of a gym to the somewhat similar sounds that get generated between the sheets.
He decided to give his luck a try. But of course, in a very prudent way so as to not make his intentions obvious. "So, this gym, when was it built?" is how he started the conversation with the receptionist. A meaningless question of course, and the receptionist was quick enough to figure out that there was some other question behind this question. But she (like all good receptionists) waited for the train to come back to the tracks. "Nice glass all around, must have been expensive, no?" was the second question. The receptionist waited. "You have a lot of trainers here, huh?" was the third nail in the coffin, said with as much expectation as is generated upon the sight of imaginary water in the desert. The receptionist now figured out where this conversation was headed, and aptly replied "Sir we have trainers for both men and women."
Our guy was now charged up "Aah, of course, of course, you should have trainers. These days so many women are taking up various kinds of jobs. I like women trainers. Would I get this (poking his finger at the image on the pamphlet) woman to train me???" You could almost see the tongue wagging, when the receptionist poured cold water on his desires, "Sir she doesn't work here anymore". One should have been there to see the expression change... He had lost everything, except of course what he hoped he would have lost in there... So much for new year resolutions...

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